Where Is Your Happy Place?

Some of the wisest life lessons that I have learned came from little kids and friends. This week was no exception. It is not an overstatement to say the past two months had been a whirlwind of experiences on a personal level, but very much so on national or international levels for each one of us. Some of the wisdom I learned this week came from Jan in Australia when she shared about a tragedy that happened the previous week in Melbourne when a raging man drove down the main street, targeting pedestrians whose lives were cut short; among them a 3-month old baby. The grief of the families left behind to deal with this senseless act. Jan also shared her intention for 2017: to focus on her spiritual practice, wanting her life less cluttered in order to deal with the suffering around us.

The day after Jan’s email I met with an 11-year old boy who I have already introduced to mindfulness and meditation practice before. What transpired since the previous contact was that he was abused by an older sibling (fortunately he spoke up immediately and his adoptive mom already stepped in with protective measures). The amazing part of his story was that what he did in the mean time until we saw again. He created for himself a ‘happy place’ in the woods on the property of his adoptive grandparents with whom he has a very good relationship. It is sheltered and there he goes to sit and write his thoughts in his journal and meditate. Nature makes him happy, the sheltered area in the woods is his ‘safe space’ and there he can connect with himself and the universe before he is ready to face the world again.

Based on what I learned from Jan and this remarkable young boy this week, the past two days was a time for to visit my ‘happy place’ as often as possible.  Be still, in meditation. Where is your ‘happy place’ and how can we encourage you to spend enough time there? What if 2017 would be the year you choose to spend with people who have your spiritual growth at heart?  Would it help to make declutter a way of living where we take moments to share from the heart, but at the same time connect in a Mindful, Abundant, Resilient, life-giving Synergy manner with like-minded and like-hearted people from around the world?

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  1. Hi Jo-Ann, you are asking an important and sincere question (probably also on behalf of many people wondering). This is integral part of the quest in our personal journeys and something that we are encouraging each other in our hub. By listening deeply to each other and connecting from our own vulnerabilities in our coaching circles, I have seen in the past that is a special way to help us understanding and living our own stories.

  2. My problem currently, and for the past several years now, especially since the economic crash of 2008, has been very stressful. I feel recently that it is coming to the verge of becoming overwhelming, and I just don’t know how much more I can take. With so many priorities to juggle to maintain my current existence, I am feeling trapped and exhausted from the start of my day all the way through, and am barely able to accomplish what I need to. The most frustrating part is that I was doing well before the crash hit, and now through no fault of my own, I am really struggling to keep my head above water, and the hits just keep coming to continually try to drag me under. My problem is that, although I do have a happy place, I don’t feel like I have enough time to spend there to refuel myself.

  3. Connie, thank you for asking a a question that we noticed are in the hearts of so many at the moment. Where can we start when we feel overwhelmed with so many things that are happening around us? Your question is so core to who we are as a Hub, that we want to invite you to our next monthly live virtual meeting and repeat your question while we reflect on that as a hub for the time we are together. Where can we start and what are ways that are helping us to not only survive, but even grow in times that are tough? I will be in touch to invite you and maybe we can post again here after our meeting.

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